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Cambodian Parliamentary service

  • Member of Cambodian Parliament, since 1993.

* Member of Parliament, Phnom Penh, and Party Whip, Sam Rainsy Party (formerly Khmer Nation Party), since 1998. * Chair, Cambodian Parliamentary Caucus on Myanmar, 2006. * Chair, National Assembly Committee on Foreign Affairs, International Co-operation and Information, 2005-2008. * Member of Parliament, Siem Reap Province, 1993 -1998. * Chair, Parliamentary Committee on Public Works, Transport, Telecommunications, Post, Industry, Energy, Mines and Commerce, 1998-2003. * Parliamentary Secretary, Committee on Education, Culture, Tourism and Religious Affairs, 1993-1998. * Founder and Vice-President, Cambodian Australian Association of South Australia, 1981-1985. * Founding Member, Association of Southeast Asian Nations Inter-Parliamentary Myanmar Caucus, 2004. * Founding Member, Global Organization for Parliamentarians Against Corruption, 2002. * Coordinator, South East Asia Parliamentarians Against Corruption, for 2 years. * Founding Member, Coalition for Transparency Cambodia, 2001. * Lecturer, Phnom Penh University, Cambodia, 1991-1993. * Teacher at various schools and colleges in South Australia, 1986-1998


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